Three crucial tips on building your event management business

Three crucial tips on building your event management business

Event management business is becoming very popular now. With so many tasks to arrange an event and the need for the uniqueness of these events, people now rely on event management companies to do the work. Event management company can relieve you from the hassle of organizing the venue, food, invitation, logistics, etc. needed for a successful wedding. To be successful in this business, consider these three important tips often associated with markþjálfun.


Networking is the most important thing in event management business. It helps to form a strong client base. If people know about your company and the services you offer, they will recommend you to people they meet or other businesses. You should network with hotels, caterers, etc. so that they can get you, customers.

Social networks

Create a business page on Facebook or an account on Twitter. You must exchange engaging contents with the visitors. These are an excellent platform for word-of-mouth marketing. You should upload pictures of your successful projects often. You always need to be creative with the content you share on Facebook or Twitter. This creativeness will attract the visitors to your site.

Informative brochures

You should print colorful brochure of your business. Add photos and useful information. You can leave these brochures where you are likely to find customers for your business, like hotels, restaurants, flower shops, cake shops, photographers, etc.

Excellent customer service is the road to being successful in business. You should always give your best effort to keep customers satisfied. This way they will come back to you consistently. You should try to improve your service always and keep customers happy to build your business further.

Not sure what career to pursue? Take one of these online tests

Not sure what career to pursue? Take one of these online tests

We all need to make the important decision of ‘what career to pursue’ at some stage of our lives. If you find the right career, you will find happiness and success. When choosing a career, you need to consider a number of things which includes your skills, values, personality, and ambitions. You must also enjoy the career you take up. Nowadays you will find many online career tests available to help you choose the right career. The test gives a free online report of your personality type with a job personality test. Here are the top 5 career tests you can try online and that should prepare your for flutningsþrif.

Your Life’s Path


It provides Strong and Myers-Briggs test report. It is an award-winning test and provides excellent informative and constructive follow-up phone consultation. This test is a little expensive. Test designers are certified and trained. The Strong Interest Inventory is an old career test and so is reliable.

Discover Your Personality


It is a very comprehensive online career test. It also combines Strong and Myers-Briggs career test report. Strong and MBTI career test report together provides scores from both the tests and gives extra information that is not possible to obtain from a single test.

My Career Profile


It has planning worksheet and other resources. It is useful for school and college students who are thinking about their career. It is based on the Holland Code theory. The test is divided into sections like skills, personality, interests, values, etc.

Career Planner


It is also based on the Holland Code theory. It consists of 180 true and false questions and it takes about 20 minutes to complete the test.

All these career tests are based on research with people. They provide unique personality profile and are statistically valid. So, if you are confused about your career, try one of these career tests today.

What is the difference between feminism and meninism?

What is the difference between feminism and meninism?

It is not right to put someone in a box by the society and tell them how they should act, dress or speak. Both men and women are facing these issues every day. There is feminism to help get women’s rights. Nowadays men choose the word ‘meninism’ to portray their rights and more and more of them will purchase meninist apparel to show support of men´s issues.

Women have an upper hand over men on various issues. In the world of modeling, unhealthy models have been banned from catwalks. But this hasn’t been the case for male models. You can still see ‘skinny boy’ in various catwalks and campaigns. Women get priority in case of domestic abuse also. Both men and women are affected by domestic violence. We don’t see male victims come forward and talk about it.

Equality should mean paying women equal to men in the workplace and also have equal representation in businesses. But it also means that men should be able to speak openly about weakness, their body image, and mental illness and take up stereotypically female careers as well. High expectations about each gender have created sexism. Most men feel the need to be physically fit, successful and wealthy. They feel the pressure to show off their masculine attributes and carry out stereotypically male activities. Many men cannot talk about their grief or emotions as the society doesn’t accept it. A lot of things must be done to get equality for both men and women.

Sexism is introduced in childhood by the society. Girls have pink toys and dress, Barbies, etc.; whereas, boys have blue toys, guns, cars, etc. As we grow up, we start to learn more about the roles of male and women. A lot of things should be done to achieve equality for males and females. We should consider the rights of opposite gender instead of just our own. Many people now call themselves feminists and fight for women’s equal rights. But we hardly find any woman fighting for men’s rights. We should change our perspectives of life and help each other get the rights we deserve.